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Create straight, clean end-of-day joints with TempRamps. Lay the ramps down and rake like a permanent joint. Shut off vibrating as you approach the ramps and roll off like any other joint. The next day, remove TempRamps and you have a straight joint to continue your work.

Product to Use:
For two 12-foot road widths, use twelve (12) PTR2-48 Ramp Sections or eight (8) TB37 Ramp Sections.
After placing Steel Plates, just add TempRamps and you are done. No need to mess with putting down and taking up asphalt. And, TempRamps can be used multiple times for all your Steel Plate jobs.

Product to Use:
Use PTR2-29, PTR2-48, or TB37 Ramp Sections as needed to cover the necessary space.